Puthuvamana Family 

Puthuvamana has its origin at vylathoor, near Guruvayoor. The family has shifted from there in 15th Century and had stayed in Kidangur near Ankamaly and in Kumbalam near Kochi. Finally the family had settled at the present Thottara near the boarder of Ernakulam and Kottayam Districts.  The family has relationships with Nambbothiri Families all over Kochi and Malabar and has more than 1000 members with direct and indirect relationships in various generations.


Today, Puthuvamana Family members are residing as 13 small family units. The present members are all occupied with wide and different professions.  They are well settled competent in their individual circle of activities. The professions of today’s Puthuvamana Family include Teaching , Engineering, Accounting, Business, Astrology, Information Technology etc.  All of them are widely accepted and honored by the society for their contribution in respective fields. The achievements and profiles of each and every member are individually described in the family history book published by the family trust