Puthuvamana Family History

Puthuvamana Family has its origin at Vylathoor a small village near Guruvayoor . This area was under the rule of Peumdappu Swaroopam , the earlier name of Cochin Royal Family. This royal family had shifted their capital to Cochin in around 1405 AD .


The large number of Namboothri families including Putuvamana had also left Malabar  for Cochin along with the Prince of Cochin. Puthuvamana had then shifted to Kidangoor near Angamally later they have received properties in Kumbalam and Permubavoor. Finally in around 1750 the family has came to Thottara near to the border of earlier Cochin and Travancore.


Now in Thottata family members are living as 13 branches.





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